Use of cookies


Use of cookies

As with virtually every website, also uses cookies on its web pages. Cookie is a small custom text information file that is placed on your computer when you visit a site. Cookies have countless features. Among other things, they collect information, note the visitor's custom settings, when using online shopping carts, and generally make it easier for users to use the website.

Enable, restrict, or prohibit cookies

All modern browsers can set whether the visitor accepts cookies or not. You can also customize the browser settings to see if a visitor wants to notify you if your site is about to place a cookie in your browser, as well as how many different types of cookies can stay and clear when you close your browser. It is important to know that some of the services on certain websites depend specifically on the acceptance of cookies, so if any cookies are disabled, the visitor will experience an unexpected operation on the site, and at worse it will be impossible to use the services of the site.

About the cookie settings of the most popular browsers

Google Chrome
Microsoft Internet Explorer 11
Microsoft Internet Explorer 10
Microsoft Internet Explorer 9
Microsoft Internet Explorer 8

The types of cookies

The session cookie is a type of cookie that is needed to maintain the most basic browsing processes. In the absence of this, the page-by-step process can not be traced either by the website. Typically, the cookie content is a text consisting of 20-30 quasi-random alphanumeric characters.

Ad serving and browsing cookies are cookies that collect your browsing habits on the visitor's website, enabling you to offer more targeted and more tailored bids and increase your user experience while browsing. The contents of the cookie are less intrusive than the session cookies, but the visitor's personal information may not even be included.

Cookies at

The Geronto-MED 2005 Nonprofit Kft. home page session with cookie allows its clients to access the contents of the site's registration content. With advertising and browsing cookies, you can look at your visitors' habits to make their services even more effective and increase the user experience on the site.

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